Contact Management for Hosts!

PowerHost is a contact management system built specifically for casino hosts. And more!

CasinoHostContactManagementMenuPowerHost has contacts, tasks, guest profile, preferences and all the features you can buy in a generic contact management solution; plus PowerHost is already customized for gaming so the Database Manager or IT can easily load ratings, expense data, and host coding.

PowerHost helps you to drive revenue by making your PD Vision a reality. Each day, the casino host will see Yesterdays Results for their coded players, receive recommendations on who to contact and why, and see their daily pace against goals.

PowerHost is available for a low monthly fee and works with all of the Player Tracking systems.

Contact Paul Cutler at 561.860.2621 or  Paul will overnight you an informative package along with pricing.

Or fill in this form:

Harvest Trends, Inc.
PO Box 201, Ocean Springs, MS 39566


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