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Are your hosts really hosts?

Are they?  Really?  One of our most popular blog posts is “6 Tasks You Shouldn’t Find in a Casino Host Job Description.”  It is popular because hosts being hosts doesn’t happen as often as you’d think.  How do I know? … Continue reading

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Contact Management for Casino Hosts!

We are rocking and rolling at Harvest Trends, and building a contact management solution specifically for casino hosts. When we started, we called it Host BoB for “Book of Business”. (After all, that is what you have: A Book of … Continue reading

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What’s YOUR number?

No, I’m not asking for your phone number.  I’m asking if you know what your target market for PD really is?  When’s the last time you ran the numbers to see where your sweet spot is in terms of opportunity … Continue reading

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Are you ready for a natural disaster?

Originally posted on Casinos, Brands, and More:
Last week’s headlines warned that the first named storm of hurricane season was strengthening. Lucky for me, it wasn’t headed in my direction, but it got me thinking about how we handle communications…

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Ethical Scenarios for Casino Player Development

In these blogs, we have covered a lot of ground: things hosts should do, things they shouldn’t do, how to evaluate them, how to set and measure goals, and we have gone into some depth on a few of these … Continue reading

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Why: Reading is a Modern Superpower…

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It is my contention that:  In the modern world, Reading is no less than a Superpower. In this post I will explain the thinking behind this, and share 7 reasons why you should consider make…

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6 Things to Look for in a Casino Host New Hire

If you lead a PD team, you have undoubtedly asked this question in regards to an interviewee (or three).  The truth is, it’s not an easy thing to quantify, particularly if the candidate in question has never been a host … Continue reading

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