6 Ideas for Casino Hosts Struggling with Goals

No two hosts are exactly alike, and that’s a good thing. Variety among casino hosts means that any player can find a host with whom he or she can connect. It also means that each host is likely to have his or her own unique approach to working toward goal achievement. While host goals can be just as unique as the hosts to whom they’ve been assigned, there are sometimes challenges that make it more difficult for even a great casino host to hit their numbers.

When this is happening, it’s easy to get discouraged and stop trying to keep the numbers moving in the right direction. The reasons behind the slide can also be varied and wide-ranging as are the hosts and their goals, but there are a handful of simple things any host can do to build momentum and keep their goal achievement numbers growing instead of stagnating.

  1. PROSPECT! If your property has a prospecting program, make sure it’s being utilized. If it doesn’t, initiate a conversation about the kinds of patrons you should be trying to add to your lists. Understand who qualifies for host service and what you’d have to do to get them coded. Then, start building a base prospect list. Don’t discard potential patrons out of habit; keep a running list of guests you’d like to work on and keep in touch with them. Combine new rewards club members who show growth potential and existing patrons who are playing up. Ensure you’re aware of those who used to be great players who might be reactivated. Variety among prospects is just as important as variety among teammates, so don’t be afraid to diversify. Keep in mind, however, that in order for this tip to achieve its potential, you have to really work the prospects chosen. Get them back in for a certain number of visits and/or to a certain play level and ask that they be coded to you before the end of the goal period.  BAM! Extra theo and more active players. (To quote Charlie Sheen, “Winning!”)
  2. PRIORITIZE! Take an honest look at the goals with which you’re struggling and determine which one (or ones) A) will take the most work to achieve or B) seem more like low-hanging fruit and can be achieved most readily. Tackle the category that will get you the most “bang for your buck” and get to work. If you are behind on your theo goal, target the highest-ADT patrons who are off pace for their usual trip pattern to get a return visit before the goal period ends. If it’s a reactivation goal that’s giving you trouble, maybe start by working the ones who live closest to the property.
  3. CATEGORIZE! You’re going to be more successful if you focus on the right players at the right time. That’s easier to do if you know which of your players is the right one to call now. How do you do this? Break player lists down into smaller parts so you can work more methodically. Choose a set of criteria which matches your priorities. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Maybe you should work on “Players within 50 miles” or “Guests who haven’t been here in 31+ days” or “Ones I haven’t met yet.” This doesn’t require the assistance of an analyst, usually.  You should have a pretty good idea where your players will land when you start. If you find you don’t know much about a particular bunch of patrons, make a category of theose and make contact to fill in the blanks.
  4. MEASURE! Understanding progress (or lack thereof) is key to getting yourself back on track. If what you’re doing isn’t working, wouldn’t you rather know early on so you have time to change tactics before the goal period ends? Some hosts I know have broken their theoretical goal into smaller numbers so they know each week (or day) whether their patrons played enough to keep their numbers on pace or whether an additional push might be necessary to achieve the theo goal. With this knowledge, hosts can make adjustments to call patterns, prospecting plans, or events bookings to bring the numbers back in line.
  5. POSTMORTEM! Whether a particular goal period was successful or not, it presents an opportunity to learn what worked and what didn’t, providing an excellent roadmap for the future. This is the time when all the variables need to be assessed. Was weather a factor? Then maybe do a snow day special that gives patrons a premium for coming in within 7 days of the crappy weather. Were a high number of guests inactive? Maybe a personalized handwritten letter with a special offer for each of those guests’ return is the way to go. Are you having trouble getting prospects coded? Perhaps it’s time to rethink how you choose prospects…or it’s time to talk to your team leader about how to qualify them for becoming coded players.
  6. DON’T GIVE UP!!! This tip is the most important of them all, because if you throw up your hands and give in to defeat, you will likely have a more difficult time getting things rolling again for the next goal period. Sure, it might seem like the easiest thing to do is surrender and start again, but momentum is sometimes the only driving force you have keeping things in motion. Be honest with yourself about why there is a struggle in the first place, and  remember that there is rarely a single factor that dictates success or failure.

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These posts on Casino Player Development are brought to you by Harvest Trends. We specialize in Player Development (PD). Please take a look at PowerHost, a comprehensive way to drive revenue from your team of Casino Hosts and Player Development Executives. Or contact me, Paul Cutler, at 561.860.2621 or pcutler@harvesttrends.com. I will overnight you an informative package along with pricing. We offer Host training, consulting on Host programs and goals, and PowerHost to enable Hosts to drive revenue from targeted contacts with valuable players.
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