Contact Management for Casino Hosts – our PowerHost CRM goes Mobile

Here is our Player Development-specific CRM, live and ready to go on your mobile device or tablet! We are pleased to offer this product on multiple platforms so this powerful tool can leave your office with you. Wherever you go, you can bring your guests, recommendations, tasks and notes.CasinoHostContactManagementMenu

What is a recommendation? Each day, each Host receives recommendations based on business rules that makes sense for your property, and your goals.  Hosts know they are supposed to: invite these players to the tournament, reactivate these patrons this goal period, reach out to these new club members, and make sure these guests know their free ticket offer expires this week.


With just a click on the phone or tablet screen, you can make a call or send a text or email. Amy can give you a preview. She’d love to share her vision and get your ideas on how our new CRM can help with guest relationship management, contact management, task management, and meeting goals.

Stay in the know…even on the go!


About harvesttrends

These posts on Casino Player Development are brought to you by Harvest Trends. We specialize in Player Development (PD). Please take a look at PowerHost, a comprehensive way to drive revenue from your team of Casino Hosts and Player Development Executives. Or contact me, Paul Cutler, at 561.860.2621 or I will overnight you an informative package along with pricing. We offer Host training, consulting on Host programs and goals, and PowerHost to enable Hosts to drive revenue from targeted contacts with valuable players.
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