We speak PD

Like so many others, casino industry is filled with jargon and acronyms, shortened words (like theo and comp), and other terms that mean something entirely different outside the gambling world.  We even have names for good tippers (George) and players who work the system but don’t play much (fleas).  To an outsider, it can seem as though those of us who have spent years working in the gaming industry speak our very own language…and that’s just in the casino marketing world.

Here are some examples from my recent interactions with gaming pros: “What is the minimum ADT of a coded player at your property?” “We want to target high-worth, low-frequency players for our host ‘pool’.”  “What CMS do you use, and do you have a CRM solution?”  “What impact have VLTs had on your recency?”  “Do you measure hosts on gross or net theo?”  “We can show you all comps redeemed by a player regardless of issuer or host.”

If you understood all of those questions and statements in quotes, welcome.  We speak your language. If any of it might as well have been Swahili, you should give us a call.  We can translate.  (And if you’re reading this blog and that sounded foreign, we really should talk.  Call me!  For reals.)

Harvest Trends has a focus on Player Development, because we’ve found (through our own experience as well as those of our clients) that PD is often last in line for the services of a property’s analysis team.  It’s even more difficult at smaller properties where there may only be one person who can pull data and produce reports for analysis.  There’s too much nuance; too much interpretation & refinement, and too many questions to answer for one person to do it all and do any of it well.  And, as mentioned, Player Development is last in line behind direct mail, redemption, promotions, finance, and ad hoc needs.

Harvest Trends understands that limited resources doesn’t mean that your goals and objectives are easier to achieve.  We know, from having done this ourselves, that you’re still expected to drive revenue and report on your progress whether you’ve been able to run reports and do analysis or not.  Let us help you do it well.  Let us take the load off your beleaguered database and marketing analyst(s).  Let us show you how easy it really can be.

Because we speak PD, you won’t have to draw us a picture in crayon to communicate your needs or your dream PD program to us.  Tell us what you want your team to accomplish, give us a player profile to target in your database, send us a list of which players already “belong” to which host, and we’re ready to get started.  Share your ideas, wish out loud, and let us help you bring it to life.

How would you like to see daily updates on host goal pace (progress to goal achievement), carded play, new club members, hot prospects, or just how yesterday compared to the last three Sundays?  How would you like for your hosts to receive a targeted player list each day?  How would you like to see any (or all) of that automatically, without anyone having to lift a finger?  We can make that happen.

How would you like to have the time to actually coach your hosts?  If you (or they) are spending more than an hour each day poring over spreadsheets to find players of interest, we can free up enough time weekly for one-on-one meetings.  You’ll know each day whether the coaching has had an effect…and you can follow up with numbers that reflect actual results.

How would you like to have a partner who can help you bring your PD vision to life?  You probably have a good idea what the opportunity players in your database “look like.” Harvest Trends can take your direction to help identify those players, get them assigned to your hosts for contact and activation, and move some revenue through to your property’s bottom line.

How would you like to have 1:1 PD leadership coaching or host training?  Harvest Trends will work with you to build a customized training program for your hosts, ambassadors, supervisors, and/or manager(s).  It’s an affordable, scenario-based, property-specific program to help you and your team achieve more and put the tools we offer to their best use.

Talk with us about the possibilities.  You’ll find that we speak the same language you do.





About harvesttrends

These posts on Casino Player Development are brought to you by Harvest Trends. We specialize in Player Development (PD). Please take a look at PowerHost, a comprehensive way to drive revenue from your team of Casino Hosts and Player Development Executives. Or contact me, Paul Cutler, at 561.860.2621 or pcutler@harvesttrends.com. I will overnight you an informative package along with pricing. We offer Host training, consulting on Host programs and goals, and PowerHost to enable Hosts to drive revenue from targeted contacts with valuable players.
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