Casino Host Contact Management

Specific to the casino business, CRM is an essential tool in retaining the property’s best customers.  Finally, there is NOWa pre-fabricated Customer Relationship Management tools available which provide the experience a Casino Host or Player Development executive really needs to be successful. (This post was changed in Nov 2014 because Harvest Trends announced a CRM tool specifically  built for gaming!)

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, it was revealed that the biggest players (representing roughly 10% of the total player base) lost the most money (about 90% of the company’s win) over a two-year period with European online gaming company Bwin.  Industry experts suggest these numbers are comparable to those of bricks and mortar casinos in the US and, indeed, in casinos worldwide.  That means it is imperative to keep those customers happy.  It is also ethical to understand whether these players have the resources to continue to play at their customary level.  None of that is possible without a CRM (and dynamic analytic tools) geared specifically to the gaming industry.

While there are many casinos out there which are using a customized business CRM to track host contacts and monitor players’ preferences, there is not an easy way to tie those contacts and other important information back to player worth or offers.  It becomes cumbersome to toggle back and forth between the property’s Casino Management System, the modified CRM and another database or other program which shows what offers the guest has or has not redeemed.  Add another system or two for hotel and/or dining reservations, plus e-mail and a great deal of a host’s valuable time could be spent saying, “Ummmm…hang on…” while they wait for the computer or fumble around trying to land on the right button or tab.

What Casino Hosts and Player Development Executives really need is a CRM that goes above and beyond what is offered by the Top 40 solutions on the market today.  A dynamic casino-specific CRM should enable the player development professional to quickly determine which of his players he should contact today, provide the information he needs to make appropriate contact with those players, include an interface for adding searchable notes and tickles for future contact, and allow him to effortlessly note that he’s accomplished the contact and move on to the next one.  The interface ought to include guest demographics, play information, tags to help hosts categorize players, relationship links among coded guests, and events calendars.

Ideally, the right contact management program will also allow the casino host team’s manager to monitor the team’s activity for use as a coaching tool.  The ability to set contact goals and other important objectives as well as track the progress made in their completion would, of course, be needed as well.  From a manager’s perspective, it’s imperative that the tool provide opportunities to hold the team accountable for the work they have or have not yet done.

Can you think of anything else a casino-specific contact management system or CRM should be able to do?


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These posts on Casino Player Development are brought to you by Harvest Trends. We specialize in Player Development (PD). Please take a look at PowerHost, a comprehensive way to drive revenue from your team of Casino Hosts and Player Development Executives. Or contact me, Paul Cutler, at 561.860.2621 or I will overnight you an informative package along with pricing. We offer Host training, consulting on Host programs and goals, and PowerHost to enable Hosts to drive revenue from targeted contacts with valuable players.
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