HostMAPP & the Daily Action Plan: a one-two punch for Casino PD

Are your Casino Hosts and Player Development Executives interacting with valuable guests, or chained to their desks looking at long lists of player results?

Contact Amy Hudson at 304.218.1265 to learn more about HostMAPP.

For just a monthly fee, each casino host will receive a customized Daily Action Plan every day.

  • Daily results against goals
  • Customized to your bonus program and your market
  • Their coded players who visited yesterday
  • Comp exceptions
  • Upcoming birthdays
  • Their valuable players who are due back

small ladyThe hosts can quickly place relevant phone calls to congratulate the winners, commiserate with the losers, celebrate with the birthday players, and invite back the valuable players who have not been on property.

Do you manage Player Development? With HostMAPP, you can Measure the Activity, Profitablity and Potential of both the Casino Hosts and the player.

  • Balance the coding of guests to Casino Hosts
  • Find high potential players who should be coded
  • Be alerted to comp exceptions.
  • Track team progress against goals, every day

Contact Amy Hudson at 304.218.1265 or for a 30-minute demo.

There is a good reason why Casino Journal named HostMAPP for a Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products Awards for 2011! We Know the Most about the Host!


About harvesttrends

These posts on Casino Player Development are brought to you by Harvest Trends. We specialize in Player Development (PD). Please take a look at PowerHost, a comprehensive way to drive revenue from your team of Casino Hosts and Player Development Executives. Or contact me, Paul Cutler, at 561.860.2621 or I will overnight you an informative package along with pricing. We offer Host training, consulting on Host programs and goals, and PowerHost to enable Hosts to drive revenue from targeted contacts with valuable players.
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