7 Steps For Hosts to Exceed Their Goals

No two hosts are exactly alike, and that’s a good thing. Variety among casino hosts means that any player can find a host with whom he or she can connect. It also means that each host is likely to have his or her own unique approach to working toward goal achievement. Here is a generic... Continue Reading →


Why have a Player Development team?

When you are writing your Casino Host Goals, you are really answering the fundamental question “Why do we have a Player Development team?” The Property is making a significant investment in salaries, benefits, and also in any Comps and VIP parties and gifts. So why do we invest in these professionals, and what do we... Continue Reading →

Why Set Goals for Player Development?

As managers, we set goals so that employees are crystal clear on their priorities and how to allocate their time. If you talk to your Hosts, you will find that they face a daily dilemma regarding how to divide their time between re-acting to guests who are on-property and proactively reaching out to players who... Continue Reading →

Host Goals: Bonus and Recognition

You will implement a financial bonus program for some of the goals, especially the goals that are designed to generate extra revenue from additional trips and play, but don’t rush into this approach. Implement the goals without a financial bonus and monitor the situation for a quarter. You may find that either the Hosts find... Continue Reading →

Do you want Host Goals?

Why Set Goals? As managers, we understand that the Player Development Executives and Casino Hosts have an important role in customer service for the very best players, but we also need the team to focus on strategies that will attract new valuable players, retain existing players, and reactivate players that have disappeared or declined. By... Continue Reading →

Build a Better Plan for Next Year!

It's time to wrap up your plans and budget for next year.  Do you, like me, leave out something that has an impact on your spending patterns or your operations and you find yourself either adjusting or going without all year?  Or, is there the possibility that your capital won't be approved and you'll have to... Continue Reading →

Events (& Tips!) for Casino Hosts

When you're looking at your player list trying to come up with ways to engage your patrons and get them to make a return trip soon, planning something with a broad appeal might seem like the way to go. But in reality, many players whose patronage warrants invitations to exclusive events are looking for a little... Continue Reading →

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